Copper Pipe Dreams in Motion

Friday, July 20, 2007

A Unique Gift for Someone Special

Copper Pipe Dreams is a company and an idea that has grown out of the artist's love of creating unique copper sculptures as gifts. The very first of these sculptures was made as a gift for his soon to be wife - it was a man holding out a heart. Who could resist such a romantic gift?

Soon, the artist began to make sculptures to commemorate special occasions such as his son being honored as an All-star catcher. A special cowboy and indian (Tex and Littlefoot) combination was chosen to be featured in an Art Calender. Several sculptures were made specifically for celebrities (the piano player and the boy with the paper plane). Sculptures have been commissioned for anniversaries and grand openings.

Each sculpture is unique. They average six inches in height. Many have removable parts (the arrows can be taken out of the indian's quiver and the gun comes out of the cowboy's holster.)

If you are interested in purchasing one of the existing sculptures or would like to commission a new sculpture, please email: